Friday, January 23, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014-2015 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Box

Young Guns. Enough said. If that doesn't give you enough reason to want to open a box of Upper Deck hockey, then what is?
In every hobby box of 2014-2015 Upper Deck Series 1 is 24 packs and 8 cards per pack with boxes running just under $70. You will find 2 UD jersey cards, three Shining Stars, one Shining Stars Gold Rainbow, four canvas' and six of those aforementioned Young Gun rookie cards.

Not only does the Young Guns grab my attention, but the photography that Upper Deck strives by is simply amazing. Look at some of these base cards. If only more companies paid this much attention to photography detail.

Back of card

Here are the Young Guns I pulled. There is a good mix of players some of whom are becoming stars, some who may become stars later on. That's the fun of pulling Young Guns. Not to mention with these falling 1:4 packs, it drives the value up on them as well.

I even pulled a Young Gun Exclusive parallel numbered to 100

The 2000's Hockey Heroes that fall 1:12.5 packs

Canvas Cards. Love these. The regular players fall 1:7 while the Young Gun I pulled fell 1:48

Here are the Shining Stars you will find 4 of per game. A fun foil insert with a nice design.

However, the Gold Rainbow parallel of Shining Stars if much more impressive to look at. My picture doesn't do it justice.

And finally, my two Game Jersey cards. Not bad too shabby players.
Overall, I am a big fan of this product. The Young Guns are the hottest rookie cards out there. Between the nice photography on the base cards, the Young Guns, the nice looking inserts, I felt as if the jersey cards were bonuses here even though you are guaranteed two per box. There is much more to find in here besides what I pulled. Just look up further details where they sell the product.

Every year this product is released, puck fans are all over it. After opening my first hobby box, I usually do retail packs, I can see why.

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  1. I built series 1 with rack packs and hobby packs. I did get a few Young Guns and a couple relics, but I am definitely going hobby box on series 2.