Monday, January 12, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Upper Deck Conference Greats Football 2-Box Break

After busting ten hobby packs of Upper Deck Conference Greats, I was hooked. So when I had the chance to open two hobby boxes, I was even more excited.

In every box of 2014 Upper Deck Conference Greats football there are 24 packs with 8 cards per pack. There is also one autograph and two memorabilia cards per box as well and one box topper.

I did really well with my box toppers, especially with pulling soon-to-be offensive rookie of the year Beckham that also fits in my PC. I haven't been more excited about a Giants rookie in some time. This guy is incredible to watch and made the bad Giants season more watchable.

Speaking of Giants, one of my favorites in Rodney Hampton was found in here. The base set is a mix of legends, veterans and rookies. There are also team schedule cards that I wasn't really a fan of.

There are also Hi-Series rookies and veterans that fall at different rates. I like these a lot. This product reminds me a lot of 1997 Upper Deck baseball in terms of design on these and being short-printed into the master set.

There are base cards parallels as well. Pewter, Copper and Black. Black is the toughest pull only numbered to 10.
- Regular Cards Pewter Parallel (1:1)
- Regular Cards Copper Parallel (1:4)
- Regular Cards Black Parallel (# to 10) - See more at:

BOOM! Just wished it wasn't a lineman.

Here are the memorabilia hits. I like the School Pride hits and there are rare versions to find to. The regular memorabilia hits are a bit disappointing only because they are not game worn and to me, that hurts them. I am not an event worn kinda guy.

My two autographs. Craig Yeast who I used to pull a lot in the 90's of when he played for the Bengals and former Patriots Quarterback, Babe Parilli. The funny part, the Parilli autograph and memorabilia card both came in the same box.
I like the autographed cards a lot in this product. They are from players you may or may not remember and includes superstars from today. I think the gold signatures from what I have seen look best on the back and white older photos than the newer ones as they seem to get lost.

Overall, not a bad break nor a great one. I will say there is plenty to find in this product when you do hit something and I do like the base cards despite not filling a simple set in 2 boxes worth. Right now prices on it are good, so if I were you and you like what you see, give it a try. Couldn't hurt.


  1. Love the variety in the product. Also good when you hit some PC cards

  2. Great cards, I also have a PC of the School Pride cards, but I didn't know there were variations.

  3. I like the gold on the autographs. Looks sharp!

  4. These look like a lot of fun to open. I like that Tennessee card!