Saturday, January 31, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996-1997 Skybox Premium Basketball Pack Break

In this edition of Breakin Wax, I am busting a pack of one of my favorite late 90's products, Skybox Premium.

Just like some other posts I have done in this series, I must apologize that the pack wrapper didn't get included in this post. But, I promise I will do a breakdown none-the-less.

In every pack of Skybox Premium basketball, there are 10 cards and a $3 per pack price tag. In there will be a mix of veterans, rookies and subsets. Of course the occasional fun insert and if you are really lucky, a ruby parallel.

The base cards had color faded backgrounds with full color player standing out in the forefront. Looked pretty cool, especially in person.

Subset, Point Men. I can remember how many times my Knicks got taken down by this guy.

You can get into Double Trouble with these subsets.

Rookie cards! Full of color. I figured these would be the two players I would get in my pack, I pulled them a lot in the 90's.

and to my surprise, a 1:12 insert find called New Editions. Pretty cool design if you ask me.
Overall, two rookies and an insert make this worth opening. I am very tempted to go back and try another.

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