Monday, August 26, 2013

Winners Of The Pack Gambler Score Football Spots

Despite a few bumps in the road with this contest with the wrong game chosen, then wrong teams, and a little confusion by everyone, we finally got this contest nailed down and everyone was entered. Sorry for all of the problems. That has never happened before, but like we were told on Twitter, hey, things happen. Congrats to @rjdub81 and JohnnyG who both won a spot in The Pack Gambler Score Football 2013 break. Both guessed a score of 44 when the total was 48.  Both of you can contact us at or if you are on Twitter you can contact The Pack Gambler @packgambler with your information.

Thanks to everyone who participated this contest. And there will be plenty more contests to come on Sport Card Collectors. Make sure you tell The Pack Gambler thanks for his generosity as well. And of course look for us to gang up again on another contest in the future.

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