Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite 1990's Basketball Inserts

Welcome to 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors! Today, we move onto the NBA Inserts. We don't have quite as many as we used to have but found the best we have remaining. Remember, that these cards are not about the player or team on the card. It's all about the card itself.

Take a minute to ponder through these. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you eye gaze through this amazing spectacle.

Beam Team. Stadium club had some bold inserts in the 90's
These always brought the shimmer to Topps packs
Chrome..enough said...refractor at that...
Always been a fan of Upper Deck's holoview use on cards

Dual Sided Card from Skybox..boy miss their cards
The one thing we regret is trading off our 90's basketball inserts about 5 years ago. There was great stuff lost in that trade such as refractors, Michael Jordan's, and even some rookie card inserts that included Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. In return looking back, we gained very little compared to what they are worth now and what we had gotten in return. We got rid of them becaus we were moving away from basketball cards at that time and trying to condense our collection. NEVER AGAIN will this happen! 

90's basketball inserts are market HOT in now-a-day time! The popularity of these types of inserts have gone through the roof as collectors have chased them down in recent years and these have appeared on Beckett's Top 20 Hot List ahead of hot NBA auto/jersey rookie cards for most of the past year. Most popular players from that era for inserts are of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Some have sold for incredible amounts. Yes, as I type that I am banging my head on the keyboard thanks for checking in ;)

Let us know your thoughts on our NBA 90's inserts post! Tell us about your 90's basketball inserts as well. Comments are encouraged!