Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review Changes, New Segments, Blog Changes..Oh My!

We are always striving to improve this blog for our readers. So by September 1st we are hoping to make some small changes. Nothing big, because we like where the blog is at right now.

Some changes will include the removal of the ratings system on our reviews. We find these are confusing to you guys as we have had comments telling us so. The confusion seems to be on the part of box value because we see value differently than you guys do. For us, value is Book Values on a card and not what you would sell it for. Since we do not sell cards, we don't consider sell value. So when we have box value we just base it upon what the cards are worth and what was paid for the box and not what the turnover value would be. But due to the confusion on this part, we want to give you THE BEST review possible so removal of the ratings system only seems right so we can do that. We apologize for this confusion and those changes have already begun with the removal of ratings in today's Rookies and Stars Football review coming up later this morning. We may also tweak a few other things about the reviews as well. We have already been adding more info on the product within our reviews as a new addition.

Another change might be adding some new segments. We don't feel we cover enough sports and companies. But, in order to do that, we may add back in the classic segment Random Card Of The Day. It's just a thought for now.  If you have ANY SUGGESTIONS on segments, topics or opinions you would like to read about, please comment below with any. We are open to suggestions.

Another change will be the interface of the blog. We are hoping to clean things up more and possibly go back to a dual sided blog instead of the trio look. This change also means the top tabs will become side tabs. So don't worry, the Discussion Tabs (though they are rarely if at all used) are not leaving. Please feel free to use them. They are there at YOUR convenience to connect with other collectors and most importantly, they are FREE!

Other small changes may occur. Contests however will remain the same :)

Let us know your thoughts on our changes and any suggestions you may have.


  1. I think you need to bring back at least a weekly contest to bring some skill back to it

    Also, an area where we can share contests we've found with the group....and things like Panini Scavenger Hunt Answers

    1. We thought about it..but gonna be on a wait and see for contests right now. Got a stack of prizes..just in process of figuring out how to hand them out ;)

      As for the contests part, it would be fun to let others know of contests going on with other blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages, but wouldn't feel right giving the answer to the Panini Scavenger Hunt.

    2. Thanks for your feedback as always :)

  2. Have you considered making a fantasy football league with a prize for your readers? That could be fun and would be free to set up and a great way to connect with your readers.

    As far as interface goes I think the background image could be contributing to the cluttered feel of the blog.

    1. I agree with the interface clutter. We switched it back to the normal one. We had put it to a card one but the baseball one seems to be the better background here.

      As for Fantasy Football, it has been considered. A Pro Pick-em as well. We will have to decide on those soon with the season coming right up.

      Thanks for the feedback.