Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite 1990's Football Inserts

Welcome to 90's insert weekend here at Sport Card Collectors! Today, we kick it off with NFL Inserts. Now, it would be completely impossible to cover all of them. So we went through and picked out a few that stood out to us. Remember, that these cards are not about the player or team on the card. It's all about the card itself.

Take a minute to ponder through these. Try not to drool on your keyboard as you eye gaze through this amazing spectacle.

Panini attempted a Epix Product in 2010..but only lasted one year. I am sure they got the idea from this insert
This came from Fleer 1995. This is not the Flair product but the Flair Preview Insert from it. Really dig the design.
One of my favorite inserts of all time

Cool Design

Felt feeling to the card

Miss SportFlix...
We hope you enjoyed this gallery and hopefully didn't wet your shirt too much. As always give us your thoughts and comments because they are welcomed!

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  1. I remember pulling my first Epix. The design had me drooling. I thought they were so awesome.