Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yard Sale Find # 17-Organized Box Side # 2

We recently posted about a Yard Sale we went to and picked up a bunch of sports cards at (mostly baseball). We thought it would be fun to take you on the journey with us to discover what is inside of every box, every single we got picking out the best ones along the way to show. We hope you enjoy the trip and comments are always welcomed.

 More 90's inserts. Most being Juan Gone!

 Rookie card of Adrian Beltre. And one of George Steinbrenner's favorite players..Hideki Irabu..or as he liked to call him.."Fat Toad"

Some of my favorite finds of the box. You can see why just by looking at them.


Some of the prospect cards

Not bad findings in Side # 2. There was a lot more base cards in this side. But still came with a lot of inserts, some prospects and some PC players and teams as well. We only show the best however or this could be a month long post lol.

Let us know your thoughts as always.

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  1. Coming from a Yard Sale these are some good cards. Definitely fun to pick through.