Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trade With Miami Vice

Usually when it comes to trading, I am more of a hoarder than a trader. I just can't let anything go. And in a world where you can't trust everybody especially when it comes to trading, I usually steer clear from it. But when Sport Card Collector fan Miami Vice approached me about a trade I decided to do it. Not only because of what he was offering, but I knew I could trust doing one with him. And I am glad I made the trade.

As you can tell by his name, he collects Miami teams like the Heat and the University of Miami. So that is what I sent in return. And this is what I got:


Man I truly like the Crusades!

Big play against the Raiders in the blocked punt return for a TD.

And the biggie that stared me in my eye...

Overall, was a great trade for the both of us. And I would recommend trading with him if he ever approaches you for a trade.

Thanks again goes out to Miami Vice on this mail day and trade!

As always your thoughts are welcomed!

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