Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: Topps Chrome Baseball 2013 Blaster Box

Box Break Down:
  • 7 Packs Per Box (8 if you count the bonus pack), 4 Cards Per Pack
  • One bonus pack with 4 purple refractors
  • $19.99 a box

BASE CARDS:My need for Chrome needed to be satisfied and a blaster box is always a great appetizer to start with.

Something different that immediately caught my attention about this years Topps Chrome base cards is the feel. I think Topps copied Panini's Prizm base cards and made them thicker. By doing this, it will help with the cards not bending. Great move by Topps.

As for terms of design, its Chromed. May I need to say more?

Note: Don't throw away your base cards, there are Sp Variations as well!




Bonus Pack Pulls:
INSERTS:Refractors. That is all....just kidding. I love refractors. I don't care what color they fall. They are bright, shiny and very eye catchy and a collectors dream to chase down and put sets together of. Or rainbows of their favorite players. My favorite pull from the refractor bunch has got to be the die cut. Very appealing.

Here are the many refractor parallels that are offered in this years Chrome:

X-fractor Parallel
Blue Refractor numbered to 199.
Black Refractor numbered to 100.
Sepia Refractor numbered to 75.
Gold Refractor numbered to 50.
Red Refractor numbered to 25.
Atomic Refractor numbered to 10. Hobby Only
Super-Fractor numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
Printing Plates numbered 1/1. Hobby Only

AUTOGRAPHS:  N/A but can be found in retail!

JERSEY/PATCH CARDS: N/A> hobby offers jersey cards

OVERALL THOUGHTS:Not many cards in a box, but there is enough value in a blaster to take a chance. You pull about 5 rookie cards), 4 refractor parallels in packs and then you get the 4 card pack of Purple ones. Not to mention a shot a autographs. We did very well in our box pulling two top rookies in Will Myers and Evan Gattis. Along with some nice refractors. Once again Topps Chrome proves to be the best retail buy out there.

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