Monday, November 11, 2013

Player Of The Day Canadian Contest Winners Announced!

The turnout for this contest was very disappointing as only 3 participated. So all this means is that finding two winners wasn't that hard. Thanks goes out to the three who participated in this part of the promotion and we appreciate your hard work.

The final day of this contest was crazy as we had the most entries we had the entire contest! A HUGE comeback for Dpan who started yesterday with 2 points and ends up coming back for the win!

1st Place goes out to:Dpan
2nd Place goes out to:  mrblu1976

Here were the final standings:
Dpan                  30 points
mrblu1976          24 points
blair burnside      22  points 

Dpan, we need you to pick out which two redemption cards you would like the codes off from. You can email us at or contact us via Twitter with them once your selection is made and we will get those codes to you. Here are your choices again:

**  Ed Davis is a young up and coming player who currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies an up and coming team. This card is also signed on White Canvas from the high end basketball product Elite Series**

** Terry Porter was drafted 24th by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1985 NBA Draft where he went on to play ten seasons making two All-Star Game appearances. Porter spent 17 years in league as a player. Not much after retiring in 2002, he jumped into coaching and has been head coach twice, first with Milwaukee Bucks and then with the Phoenix Sun. He is now an assistant with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Due to him being in the Elusive Ink set, you won't find too many of his autographs out on the market. Here is your chance to own it!**

**And a redemption card for a Jordan Reed Momentum Football Rookie Signature 2013. Reed has looked great so far with the Washington Redskins as a TE. He was selected in the third round of this years draft. Some of his cards, especially autographs, are starting to see up arrows on the market**

After your selection is made Dpan, the remaining card goes to Mrblu1976. Mrblu1976 you can email us and we will give you the remaining redemption code.

Congrats to our two winners and thanks to those who participated!

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  1. Hey I think that there was a typo on the post. There were three of us participating not just two. Thank you Blair for participating in the promo too. Congrats Dpan on winning.