Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Cardboard Review:2021-2022 Chronicles Draft Basketball

One of the first looks we get at the upcoming rookie class in the NBA, always starts with a Draft Picks product. Whether that's Prizm, Contenders or today's product, Chronicles.

Chronicles is a product built up of other products all wrapped into one. I think it's a fun concept, but it's not for everyone.

Since I like to get a start on the upcoming rookie class for my rookie card album, I always try to get my hands on new product. I don't always know who the best ones are quite yet, so they usually all stay in one spot until I do. When someone asks me "who should I be looking for?" I always tell them, just look at the cover of the box.

So that's what I did today. Here is a box break of 2021-2022 Chronicles Draft basketball for your viewing pleasure,
In each hobby box of Chronicles basketball, there are 2 packs of 24 cards each. It's much different of a layout than usual. Each box promises 4 autograph or memorabilia cards and you can find boxes currently for $165.

The base set has 16-25 card offerings from Donruss Rated Rookies, Chronicles (has its own base set), Hoops Retro, Luminance, Flux, Gala, XR, Essentials and many others. I believe there are 19 in all.

Here are a few examples of the base using the players featured on the box in Cade Cunningham and Jalen Suggs.

You can find the following parallels in Chronicles all across the 19 or so "base sets",
Black, Bronze, Green, Orange, Pink, Pulsar, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Gold /10, Cracked Ice /6, and Platinum 1/1.
My only parallel was this Red Hoops Retro of Evan Mobley numbered to 149.

Without inserts, let's move onto the good stuff.

First hit, Tools Of The Trade relic of Scottie Barnes.

Panini Threads Rookie Threads of Sharife Cooper

Score Autograph of Nojel Eastern

And finally, Origins autograph of Romello White.

I don't know any of these names, so you guys will have to tell me in comments if I scored anything big here.

Well, from looking some of the hits up, it appears to be a tough break value wise currently. But, as with any rookies, you just never know who will rise above the occasion. So maybe check back in a couple of years on this break.

As for the product itself, I still like Chronicles, though I prefer the pro sports version more with NBA teams. I like the mix of product designs and selection. You get some basic ones like Score to some artsy ones like Origins to the shiny stuff like Elements. It's a great mix.

One more tweak I would make, I would build this as one big base set with levels of rarity.

In comments below, tell me your thoughts on my break or on the product as a whole.


  1. I don't do much basketball, but I'm already being asked at shows for James Bouknight. Let me know if you run across any in your travels!

  2. Love the look of those retro hoops!