Monday, November 29, 2021

Return Of The Matt

Return of the Matt...oh yeah...Return of the Matt...oh my gosh. He is back on here watch his blog flow.

It's been a long time since I wrote a real post on this blog and that's because I needed some time away. I needed time to sit down and think of my blogging future.

I think others may be in the same process.

Some have stepped away, others haven't posted in months and some are here and there. The blogosphere in general seems to be in a downward spiral and it's sad to see knowing how strong we were only a few years ago. I will admit in the past month plus, I was in the same spot as others seem to be in the blogging world.

My original plan was to retire from blogging at the end of this year and hang up my keyboard. It was going to happen for sure. No doubt about it. It was a Joe Namath guarantee.

Then something hit me. 

No not anything physical, more like the apple on the head of Isaac Newton. I had that "aha moment" that happens once in a gray moon.

It was the little voice in my head asking me, "why aren't you blogging on Sport Card Collectors anymore?" The only answer I could come up with is, "I don't feel like it". 

Since that didn't seem to be a good enough answer, I sent myself on a journey to figure out why I had quit. I went back through and read some of my older posts when this blog was at its best. I could obviously see why things were more interesting at those times and maybe, maybe why I stepped away.

That journey also sent me on another journey, I began to Google sport card blogs and found this blog on a few Top 20-Top 30 blog lists which says a lot with as many well written blogs there are out there. I wasn't number one on any of those lists, but I was in the middle of the pack which still means a lot.

Between the lists, the older posts, and not finding a real answer to my question, it led me back here today to write this post and begin a new journey on here.

So here I am. Fully revived and excited to bring this blog back to its "happier days".

In comments, let me know some of the topics and posts you enjoyed on here. I may bring some of those along with the new ideas I have.

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!


  1. Always glad to see a blog's revival!

    1. THanks!! I am as well, hope others follow in my footsteps!

  2. Me too. Been kind of sad about the slow die off.

  3. Nice blogging post. Me personally I do the once a month thing. Sometimes I am in panic mode when I don't yet have a subject to blog about on any of my blogs (2 card related one not). Somehow I usually manage to do it. There have been a few times where technically I posted on the first of a month instead of the last day of the previous month and fidget the posting time to try to get it to register as the day before. Been a few months since that has happened. Usually I push myself to do it on the final day. A few days ago I was worried on one or two of my posts for Nov but now I know what I'm going to blog about and will do my scanning later tonight and write up the posts tomorrow, hopefully before my noontime publishing time.

    1. Thanks! As long as you are still around, once a month works for me. I always read yours :)

  4. Happy day! Hopefully you've found what you were looking for this time. Blogs are dropping off left and right, we can't lose you too!

    1. I know they are, it was close and hoping this was the right direction for me. I don't believe Cards Over Coffee is dead yet, but right now this is my focus