Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun Review: Press Pass Yo Gabba Gabba Rack Pack

Wrapper: Draws the kiddos right in. Press Pass did this the right way! The big picture of Muno. The draw in of the colorful wrapper. The lineup of characters at the bottom.


Base Cards: Once again, two thumbs up to Press Pass. They took pics from the show and made cards for each character. All of the cards in this set are very high gloss.


Subsets: Don't normally break subsets down, but had to with this product. They took themes from the show such as Play Pretend with Muno, Color with Brobee and Story Time. They also did one for the songs and put lyrics on the back.


800 ct box
Inserts: We managed to get a pop up card (1:12 packs) of DJ Lance. And each pack comes with one sticker. We got Toodee.


Autographs: N/A Would have been cool to see these of guest stars.

Memorabilia: N/A Read autographs.

Overall: Kids will love this. Rack packs run around $5 and comes with 16 cards. And with songs and lyrics, you can dance and show your kids how to collect at the same time. YOOOOOOO GABBBA GABBA!!!

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  1. My daughter loves to GABA GABA. Might havnt to get her some of these.
    April Wilson