Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Sp Authentic Football 2011

Been wanting to bust a box of this and finally got one. Heres how we did:

Box: Kinda bland.But good player on the front.


Wrapper: Read Box


Base: Not too bad looking. It does lack the great Photography Upper Deck is known for, however Sp Authentic has always had this form of design. The base set is made up of 100 rookies, which in a box should land you a set and some doubles. But there are also SP's in it as well:

The Future Watch is the Sp set and is made up of veterans and rookies. The best we pulled was a Demarco Murray. We landed 6 of these in our box.


Memorabilia: Check autographs. They are only with autographs. No plain memorabilia here.

Autographs: 2 no namers to us for the first 2 had us concerned.....then we pulled the rookie auto patch card of Christian Ponder and all was better. And its signed on card. Upper Deck also used some pretty sick patches in these. We got just a one color, but if you ebay this product you will see what we mean.


Overall: You get 3 autos per box. We did ok there. If not for Ponder, box might have not been worth it. There are no inserts. But its nice clean base set we did get. But this product has, and always will be about the Rookie Auto patches. Year in and year out and even without a NFL license, this is the hottest product with the most sought after rookie cards.

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  1. Greg Pruitt!! Drulling now...
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