Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World Peace's Elbow Incident

I think the man formally known as Ron Artest wasn't spreading any World Peace when he elbowed James Harden after making a slam dunk. This is one of many incidents he has been involved in. He may have a name change, but the same type of player is there. A dirty cheap shot player.

He may deny doing what he did on purpose, but if you were to watch the highlight or look at the picture up close, you can tell it was intentional. Hopefully he will get suspended. I don't think one game is enough. I don't even think 4 is enough. This kind of things cannot happen in the NBA. They have tolerated enough from this guy. He needs to be taught a lesson. If I was commissioner Stern I would suspend him for all of the playoffs. Let's see how he feels about that. Or maybe it won't make a difference. For a cheap shot like he did, a severe punishment should be shown and let the rest of the league know this is not tolerated.

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