Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Products we miss: Pinnacle Mint

This was always an amazing collection to me. Cards and coins together. Wow! It was like having 2 hobbies in one. The cards also had a die cut design in the middle where you could place the coin in the I did on the card below:

Each pack had roughly 4 cards and 2 coins depending on the sport whether it was football or baseball.

The product also had random chances for Solid gold coins, nickel brass, gold plated, solid silver and proof coins as well. If you haven't ever seen or tried these, you can find lists of them and still unopened boxes and packs on eBay and many other places. Try not to get too addicted!


  1. Makes Topps "Golden" theme this year seem almost gimmicky...


  2. I miss Topps Stadium Club and all the similar cards from other mfgs - high gloss borderless cards with deep colors and great pictures and gold lettering and gold designs.