Friday, December 28, 2012

More For You Guys!!

We are always having our brains racking for new ideas to get you, the fans and readers, more involved with the blog. We introduced our Fan Forums with every sport from baseball to soccer to movies and TV to discuss the sport and cards of it. Even a place for you guys to trade between each other. We update all of this EVERY DAY!

But here are some more NEW ideas to get you all involved and a way to show off your collection, favorite cards and your hits from a break! Whether your break or collection is big or small.
  • We have decided to revive the Fan Favorite Card Thursday so if you have a favorite card and want to show it off, just email us at with your card pic and why its your favorite. Just a sentence.
  • We are also creating something called Fan PC. Can't get yourself into Beckett? We want to see your collections and share them with others on here!! If you collect a team or player or non sport or whatever just send us a pic of your collection (you can pose with it as well) or some of it also with a small to medium write up about the collection and why you started it and you can include some numbers on it (how many cards, autos, jersey cards, other) and make sure you include your name or screen name you use on the blog. Send us your pics and write up to
  • We are also starting a Fan Box Breakers. Just as we post ourselves where we break down a box to show others what the contents were from it. Send us a pic of your break of any packs whether hobby or retail, big or small and we will post it! Here are examples below:
Hobby or Retail Packs:
Whether its one, two or three!
Hobby Boxes:
Blaster Boxes:

Of any sport or any brand or product of any year (prefer newer).

Send us a picture of some of  the following:
  • Base Card-just one
  • Inserts (one of each kind you pull and all can be put into one pic unless its a huge pull or a very low numbered one)
  • Autographs
  • Jersey Cards
  • Anything that catches your eye
  • Also do a small write up with your thoughts on your break with what you paid and got in return. Was it worth what you paid for it? What were your thoughts on the cards? Design? and so on.
  • Send your submissions to
We don't always get to open every product to review or break it down so seeing product that you guys break would be a nice addition to help other collectors decide.

Hoping some of you will jump in on some of these ideas and join in! Don't forget the Forums are also always as well. Though the blog is run by us, we welcome you to join in as well and be apart of it!

Thanks for all of the support!

 Note: We will read all submissions before posting them. Please keep submissions clean and no language. We will email you back our thoughts on your email before posting it.


    1. Great Ideas. I always liked the Fan-Favorite Card Thursday. And the Fan Box Break ideas is great!. I didn't get any cards for Xmas (even though I told everybody that was all I wanted). But I plan on getting two boxes of 2012 Topps update for my birthday (in a couple of days) even if I have to buy them myself (at least that is what I told my wife). I will send you some pictures of the breaks and how well I do.

      1. Well Happy Birthday and I can't wait for your submission. Feel free to submit as many times as you want.