Monday, December 24, 2012

Box Breakers: Rookies And Stars Football 2011

Here is one of FOUR Christmas present breaks I got to do early! I have broken this product before and did better. I would say this was the best break out of the four Christmas ones.. Here is the gallery of a box break!

Base Cards

Jonathan Baldwin jersey..I dig the design but disappointed by the jersey number
Nice pull from the box
Nicks is numbered to 99
Why..Phil..why did you have to appear in my box!!
Finally this Powell pulls might pay off. He seems to be the future for the Jets. And I really dig these manu-autos.
Can't say this was a great break...but for the price that was paid for works. The Ingram was nice and would be nicer if he got more playing time like he has more of recent. But I like multicolor patches.

I would rate this break a


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