Thursday, December 6, 2012

REVIEW: 4 Mini Box Break of Topps UFC Bloodlines 2012

We were randomly selected to be an Ambassador of this product. I found it as an opportunity to be able to review another sport and possibly expand our fan base. This is a sport I don't know a lot about..but have done some research on and see how popular it is. I think being selected to be the Ambassador for me was great because I can give a real honest opinion haven't ever really opening much UFC before. I have busted some in the past however because the temptation is always there to try something new. But not this product. It was loaded with hits and a ton of fun. We will be doing a giveaway from the product as we promised to Topps! Stay tuned below

And since this product hasn't hit the shelves yet feels great to get our hands onto it before anyone else!

Box Breakdown:
  • Each Hobby Box contains (10) Mini-Boxes. Each Mini-Box contains (2) Base Cards, (1) Base Parallel Card, (1) Insert Card, and (1) Hit!
  • Every Box contains (2) Relics, (2) Jumbo or Dual Relics, (1) Manufactured Relic, and (2) Autograph Relics!
  • Around $175 a Hobby box.

BASE CARDS: I like the simplicity of the design. There is no border which is usually typical for a Topps brand and thats a reason why I like this design. The name stands out at the bottom with a nice elegant small border around it. The back design speaks UFC to me. And the fighter jumps off from the card.

INSERTS:The parallels I think lack a little. They are all numbered but I think they should have given them a little silver cardboard look. I do like the Fighting Forefathers cards design that fall 1:3

RELIC CARDS: I have seen Twitter and Facebook loaded with these but they look so much better in person. We pulled an awesome oversize swatch of Anderson Silva which looks great and the Bloodlines dual relic came with a sick swatch of Cain Velasquez.



AUTOGRAPH CARDS:Once again the design for this product stays true throughout and I like the auto relic cards as well. I know some argue sticker autos are ugly..but not in this case. I do hope however some of the swatches are more color than just single color. I think landing a multicolor swatch on that design would look very nice.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Overall this looks like a winner from my standpoint. The price is a little steep but the cards look very nice. And you have a shot at some really nice auto booklets with multiple signatures on them. Not to mention printing plates and other finds. There are also parallels to some of the auto and jersey cards. Some boxes could bring a ton of value with a great checklist of fighters.

RATINGS:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                Packaging: 3
                Base Design: 4
                Insert Design: 3
                Memorablila/Autographs: 5
                Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 4

As for the giveaway we mentioned earlier...we want you to comment on the break below your thoughts. We will give one random commenter this:


We may also giveaway all of the insert parallels above (flag and black ones) But will see how many comment!

We will give you about a week or more to comment on here and please also spread the word! We will announce the winner and post the name on Facebook and Twitter so make sure you are following us!!

*Contests open to U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY! (sorry)    


  1. WOW These are SWEET LOOKING!!!!!! I just recently got into UFC!!!! But I am HOOKED!!! I have an Aaron Simpson auto that is pretty cool.

  2. Great preview. New to site came cause the ufc bloodlines. Cant wait to get my packs. Would love to pull one of the Diaz bros in a pack.

  3. Great looking proudct That is actually Siyar's first autograph looks great! First autograph from the first UFC Fighter from Afghanistan!

  4. I was an Ambassador also! Sick cards @Mr_Honky

  5. Sorry forgot. Here's what I pulled Find me on twitter at @Mr_Honky

  6. These are all really nice looking. That Tito/Cain card looks awesome.

  7. awesome cards! - Jason Poirier (@poir420)

  8. wow..nice preview..cant wait to get a box of this!!!!

  9. i would love to get a box of these to open them up with my three year old son. he loves to open box of cards with his daddy these are awesome cards i cant wait for this sat fox ufc!!!

  10. When will these boxes be available cant wait to tear into one.

  11. Great preview for the set. Great job with the design!

  12. Waiting on a random break tonite. this is the first product that's not NFL that I've purchased. can't wait to see what I pull. def looking forward even more after seeibd the relic cards above, not to mention the Bruce buffer auto'd fighter cards.

  13. These cards are straight up SICK!

  14. My 11 year old and 8 year sons have just started to watch UFC with me and since they collected cards from the other sports I am sure that these cards will be the next ones that they ask for.

  15. impressive looking cards thanks for breaking them down for us

  16. These cards look like the best UFC cards to date.. Going to have to buy some even if it dont win! thanks for the giveaway!

  17. These cards are pretty cool looking. I used to work at a sports bar and became familiar with the UFC that way. And of course, since I went to high school and am friends with Ben Rothwell....I keep my eye on him! :)

  18. Great contest and really nice looking cards. The dual relic looks great and love the design of the base cards. Been a huge UFC. Fan for years. Havent ever collected the cards though but glad to see some and it has me interested


  19. Love these cards seems topps best yet just wish I could afford some will have to see if ko2013 can top this set. glad to see they included more wmma fighters in this set also love the look of all the cards would like to see them have put a bloodlines insert in each pack though as it seems harder to pull those