Sunday, May 8, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Bowman Baseball+GIVEAWAY!

One of my yearly buys, Bowman baseball released with some new and classic favorites within the box. The one thing that never changes about Bowman and the biggest reason I buy is the prospect hunt. So let's go on one!
Here is how a 2016 Bowman baseball card box should break:
  • 24 packs, 10 cards per pack
  • One Autograph Card Per Box
  • $90 per box
I like this years base card design with the faded border around the edges leaving more of a full picture reveal. I also like how the layout. The name of the player up the left side of the card with colorful team logo below and the small touch of player position in the right hand corner. Looks snazzy.

There are 150 base cards in the set with rookies and veterans such as Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Miguel Sano and Corey Seager.

Bowman also has the big offseason moves with players on their new teams such as Zack Greinke and David Price. No photo shopping and I like it!

Rookie cards, yes, I call these the true rookies (I know many don't like that label but I call it as I see it), these are the ones with the RC logo within the base set. They have the same design except the added RC logo at the top. I pulled most of the key ones in this box including Corey Seager.

Now begins, PROSPECT MANIA!!! With players having both "paper" and chromed versions of their prospect cards there is plenty to chase. Most packs are also made up of the combo of the two as well.

There are also Bowman 1st year cards of key up-comers such as Yoan Moncada. The design on these stays pretty much the same on the Prospect/1st year cards except the player name gets moved to the bottom. I still think it looks nice.

 I also wanted to note that I think the chrome used on these is much thicker I feel than past issues. I like it better that way as it may decrease the odds of it bending later on down the road.

Overall there are 150 prospect cards to find of each paper and of Chrome.

There are a lot of parallels to find all over the base/prospect sets.

Parallels for the "paper" Veteran & Rookie Base Cards &Prospects will include:
  • Silver Border
  • Purple Border: sequentially numbered.
  • Blue Border: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Border: sequentially numbered.
  • Orange Border: sequentially numbered to 25.
  • Red Border: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • Metallic Border: numbered 1/1.
Here are two paper parallels I found in my box:

Here is a silver Prospect Parallel of Daniel Robertson. These fall, 1:43. They are a tad bit hard to spot, but in comparison to the other prospect cards you will figure it out pretty fast. These seem to be unnumbered.

And here is a really nice pull in a orange base rookie card parallel of Michael Conforto numbered to 25. These fall, 1:165 packs.

New to this years Chrome rookie parallels are these Shimmer Variation Refractors. Find the following of these:
  • Green Shimmer Variation Refractor
  • Orange Shimmer Variation Refractor
  • Red Shimmer Variation Refractor
Other Chrome parallels are:
  • Refractor
  • Purple Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Blue Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25
  • Red Refractor: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1
I found these two parallels in my box:

Regular refractor, these fall, 1:33 packs

A blue parallel. These fall, 1:110 packs

Other inserts in Bowman are Sophomore Standouts (1:8 packs), International Ink  (1:12 packs) and Family Tree (1:24 packs) I like the concept of the Family Tree with the showcasing father-son player combinations. The designs are pretty bland compared to the rest of the inserts in the product but they serve a spot none-the-less. They also have parallels to them as well.

Parallels for these insert sets will include:
  • Blue Parallel: sequentially numbered
  • Orange Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • Metallic Parallel: numbered 1/1.

One of my favorite inserts in this product is the Turn Two. Nice looking double-sided chrome refractor cards featuring two prospects. There is also autograph and parallel versions to this too.
  • Gold Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • SuperFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1.

Other fun shiny inserts to find in this years Bowman, Bowman Scouts' Top 100 Prospects that fall 1:8 packs, here are their parallels:
  • Gold Parallel: sequentially numbered. NEW!
  • Orange Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25
  • SuperFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1. NEW!
And Rookie Recollections featuring this years design with former players celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1991 Bowman Rookie Class. I pulled Chipper who I consider the best of the group!

These have parallels as well:
  • Gold Parallel: sequentially numbered
  • Orange Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1

Now onto the one hit per box you can find. I have never had a lot of success in pulling the "big guys" and this box stayed in that direction. However, Bowman isn't always about pulling the big boys. There are a lot of low to mid-tier prospects that come out of nowhere in 2-4 years and turn out to be superstars. Hence, Trevor Story. So pulling a rookie auto of a not-big-namer may not always be a bad thing.

Like the rest of the product, the chrome rookie autographs also have parallels:
  • Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Purple Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Blue Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered
  • Orange Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25
  • Red Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5
  • SuperFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1
Other autographed cards find are Sophomore Standouts, Ultimate Autograph Book Card, All-America Game Autographs. There are also "paper" autographs you can find only in retail.

Overall, I think the price point is scary at first with it being $90 for one-hit, but, there is a lot of offerings in a box of Bowman and this is one of the very few products I probably would take a chance on with only that one hit for that price. As always, it's a risk with any product, but this one is packed with prospects from top to bottom so you are bound to hit on someone somewhere. This rookie class is also looking pretty solid so far as well.
Now onto the contest part of this review, this time I thought two maybe three winners.

1st place (with a couple bonus cards):  


2nd Place and 3rd place: Your favorite team related cards 3-5 of them containing base/inserts/prospects. We must get to 25 entries to unlock three winners BUT will be two at least. If we can reach 50 entries, I will randomly insert that autograph from this box into one of those Top 3 prizes.
Now onto the small print.
  1. Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to host this/these nice giveaways with. Follow them on all social media sites and visit their site, HERE, as well.
  2. ***VERY IMPORTANT***MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT to enter or have a shipping address in the U.S. Shipping costs have gone haywire and I can't afford to ship everywhere.This is always hard to do as I appreciate all readers but I hope you all understand non-U.S. readers.
  3. Random winner(s) will be chosen after 7 randoms
  4. Card may be shipped PWE. I like to forewarn on this.
  5. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW telling me your thoughts on this product and what team/prospect you will be chasing cards of in here
  6. EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY FOR SHARING THIS CONTEST ON YOUR BLOG AND/OR ON TWITTER. Make sure to leave your link in comments too so I can count it. If not, I won't be able to give you the credit. Commenting with it is very important!!
  7. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner (person who runs the blog), WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. Sorry had to add this in since someone tried to scam me once about this.
  8. Contest starts today, ends on Saturday, MAY 14TH 2016. Winner will be announced in a separate post on Sunday MAY 15th 2016. 
  9. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :) 
 And of course, good luck to all that enter! And remember to spread the word!


  1. Always love bowman, and chasing prospects is really fun. I'm chasing bubba starling of the royals. Hope he gets called up this year!

  2. Ugh...wish I had ordered some. Always want the Sox!!

  3. Bowman is one of my favorites. I love to chase anything Cardinals especially Mags Sierra.

  4. Bowman is always a strong product every year and is huge for prospectors. There are enough Parallels and inserts to protect you just incase you get a bum for an autograph.

  5. Have become addicted to this product lol. Love the different insert sets. Obviously chase my Cubs but enjoy the top 100 and color

  6. I'm not a huge fan of Bowman. I just don't like the two separate sets. I understand why Topps has to do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I also don't like the fact that they include Chrome cards with this set and then later put out a Bowman Chrome set. Seems redundant and confusing. I do like 1st cards concept of a lot of players in their MLB uniforms and for the majority of players that will never make it to the show this might be one of the few cards we get of them. That said I'll be chasing Orlando Arcia, and since the Brewers will no doubt spend much of the summer in the cellar of their division I can't wait till he gets called up.

    And thank you and Topps for the contest.

  7. Good stuff! Is the Conforto parallel available? I'd be interested in trading you for it!

    But yeah, I like this product. A guy included I'm particularly going after in is John Omahen, a pitcher in the Dbacks chain who went to the same high school as me.

  8. Thanks, Toops and SCC. I like the Bowman design this year.

    Going after Cubs.

  9. Thanks, Toops and SCC. I like the Bowman design this year.

    Going after Cubs.

  10. Design is ok. I like it more than the last couple years. There's. Bunch of Yanks prospects I need from the set. I've been lucky enough to get the Lail auto.

  11. I like it. I cannot wait to get all the prospects I need to send out for TTM. Great Review!

  12. As always good read. Love Bowman Chrome every yr. Like the creative inserts this yr, not the boring reg stuff, but turn 2 & father son r very unique. Imagine Griffey father & Son!

  13. Love Bowman, has been my favorite since the hype of the 2010 Bowman cards with Strasburg on the box. Love getting these cards since getting minor leaguers IP to sign is pretty easy and fun. I love collecting the Mariners prospects!


  15. This year I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any Bowman and just like every year for the past 5, I broke down and picked some up. I really like the design this year and I love the shimmer refractors.

  16. Bowman is always a fun rip. As always looking for Yankees and this year I need Corey Seager.

  17. Thanks Topps/Bowman and Sport card collector for this giveaway. I'm a big fan of the Giants, but also love the prospects. I really wanted a Wilson Contreras auto, and actually, won one in a Bowman competition on Twitter. Felt quite lucky. Love the design of the cards, and like you mentioned, the Turn Two are sweet. My only criticism is the sticker autos, bummer for me. @pgn3540 Twitter

  18. Thank you, SCC and Topps for the great giveaway, Bowman is my favorite set of the year. I love prospecting, especially Rays prospects and I really like the International Ink insert subset.

  19. Thank you Topps and SCC! I will be chasing all those red hot Cubbies cards. Twitter handle @DavidMackey77

  20. I'd like Brendan Rogers and David Dahl.

  21. Very good article and I totally agree with you about Turn Two. It will be the most sought out insert, especially the autographs. Thank you, Topps and Bowman for the chance of winning a box. Twitter handle @wavemix

  22. Great contest! Have always liked Bowman Chrome, but the new look is a nice change. Looking forward to see Yadier Alvarez, Dodgers pitcher. Since he is basically an unknown 19yo with a great arm, I can't wait to see what he does in the minors.

  23. Bowman is always chasing the Indians prospects (nice Kaminsky ...cough...cough)

  24. I allways love the Bowman release. Fun to open the jumbo hobby boxes especially !

  25. I allways love the Bowman release. Fun to open the jumbo hobby boxes especially !

  26. Starting to like Bowman more every year. Love the father and son inserts. There's plenty to like about this product. Thanks to Topps and SCC. Great read and nice giveaway.

  27. Bowman is traditionally one of my favorite products to open. Still love it, but was slightly dissappointed this year. The paper stock in the non-Chrome version is cheap, dings very easily and doesn't have a good feel. I miss Blue Wave hot packs and/or wrapper redemptions. Nevertheless a good checklist. A little pricy this year but still worth it.

  28. I love Bowman. Every year a must buy. Big indians fan. Nice Kaminsky

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Another solid release by bowman with great parallels and prospects. I will be chasing Chicago Cubbies. Twitter handle @DavidMackey77 Thank you SCC!

  31. I thinks it's kind of pricey. So that's why I have bought into breakers breaks for them. Better potential to get a hit for less money. I'm looking for Cubs to add to my PC @JGfan24ever

  32. Great post and thanks for holding a cool giveaway. I haven't picked any of these up yet but like the design of the cards. I' definitely pick some up. I'm a Braves fan and will definitely be looking for a Dansby Swanson card but I also enjoy the base cards and retired players. Thanks again.

  33. Here is the link to my RT:

  34. Very nice of Topps to provide you with this Bowman box! I like the design. I'll be going after the D-Backs cards from the set, especially that Grienke.

  35. I have loved Bowman ever since their inception because of their rookie cards. With me being an old time collector I chase rookie cards rather than a team, player or insert.

  36. Great article you've posted about these cards! How awesome that Topps let you review this box and you've found some real gems here. My teams are the Dbacks and Rockies, so you can imagine how big a fan I am of both Zack Greinke and Trevor Story!

    I've shared this on both my Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

  37. Thank you topps and sports card collector for the great review and contest. I have learned more about the product since it's been released and it is a product for speculators who don't mind holding on to guys who aren't in the bigs yet but they do have a few big time cards aka Maeta and Yoan but overall it's a decent product for $90 a box

  38. I agree the cost of a box its a little pricey. It's always so difficult to know what prospects to be chaseing.

  39. I go back and forth on Bowman, because I go back and forth with how much free time I have that I can dedicate to even knowing who the Cardinals have in the minors, much less the other teams. I usually like the design of the cards, so the major leaguers are fun, but when it comes to the big reason for the set, the prospects, I don't instinctively know by looking at a card if I got a good one. For that reason I usually just stick to the Cardinals out of the prospect subsets.