Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:A Will, A Willis, A Williams Trade With Baseball Card Breakdown Blog

A week or so ago, I was contacted by Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown about starting up a trade in exchange for a card I got from my Bowman break. At first I was a bit hesitant about trading it since I am not one to trade rookie cards, but, he has always been a good guy to me so I figured I would make an exception.

Glad I did.

After a few back and forth emails, Gavin and I were able to agree upon a trade with both of us happy in the end. I mean, who agrees to a trade they are not happy with??

One of the cool centerpieces of this trade for me was this legit player contract between Topps and Jose Guzman giving Topps permission to use his picture on cards. Jose signed the contract and there is also a "stamped signature" from Sy Berger (UPDATED INFO FROM BREAKDOWN CARDS, it's "real Sy Berger signature, not one of the stamp/autopen signatures".

This is a such a cool piece to my card collection. I knew that he had some up for trade and I didn't care which player, I just wanted one to own.

Gavin also included these two cards so I can display them with the contract.

Topps Vault authenticity included too!

The next card in the trade is this cool 90's appeal insert from 2000 Finest.

Next up, my first Will Ferrell baseball card. I have wanted one of these well over a year and now have one. I am sure it wasn't too hard for Gavin to let go of a Dodgers card too.
I am not a huge fan of Will's when it comes to his movies, but there are definitely some good ones he has done that I do enjoy watching time and time again.

My first ever "make ready" parallel and it's of NY Giants JPP! Cool looking card and addition here for my Giants collection.

Up next, a new Andre Williams dual memorabilia card for that PC. The bottom swatch is a nice piece of patch.

And to finish up the trade, a Dontrelle Willis auto. There was just something about owning a Willis auto that I needed. You ever had one of those moments where you needed something without explanation???
Overall, a very solid trade. I filled in a couple of wantlist needs, added to a couple of PC's and helped another blogger out with their PC. Seems like a win-win all around in my opinion.

Thanks again Gavin for being such a great trade partner and I recommend anyone who hasn't traded with him yet to do so.


  1. Glad you like! I'll post my side of the trade very soon. And correction: I'm confident that's a real Sy Berger signature, not one of the stamp/autopen signatures.

    1. Oh even cooler! Will update the post then. I thought from your post awhile back it was an autopen or stamp. Thanks for the info and correction!

    2. Nope, there were 2 stamp and 2 autopen, but not this one. It seems to be legit hand-signed.