Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Forgotten Places:Kurt Warner

When most of us think Kurt Warner, I believe the Rams come to mind first. At least to me it does. But, I think we all forget that Kurt played for two other NFL teams as well.

(Thanks to a reminder from Tony at Off Hiatus Baseball blog, I had forgotten to add during my research of Kurt, despite not playing for them and was just a practice squad member, he was also apart of the Packers team in 1994)

The other majority of us who do not associate Kurt with the Rams, may associate him with the Arizona Cardinals who he helped lead to their first ever Super Bowl birth and almost victory if it wasn't for that amazing Santonio Holmes catch.

But, what most of us forget including me is that he also PLAYED for another team in between these two. That team is....

The NY Giants. Yes, my NY Giants. So today's forgotten place is the NY Giants. It's so forgotten and such a short term thing, I don't even have a card of it to include in this post (it is a want list item however)

After the Rams released Warner at the end of the 2003 season, the Giants picked him up giving him a 2-year deal in 2004 the same year they drafted Eli Manning. Warner started out playing very well with the Giants helping them go 5-2 before losing two in a row and dropping them to 5-4 which lead to his benching and the beginning of the Eli Manning era. Eli faced a rough year and the Giants went on to lose many more games after that, but Kurt decided not to stick around and voided his second year of the contract at the end of the season. It was a great decision for him who went to Arizona and changed their outlook. 

To me, it was a bad decision that season to bench him that early as they still played well with Kurt before sticking Eli under the bus. But, in the end, I guess you can say things worked out the best as Kurt led Arizona to their first ever Super Bowl appearance and Eli winning two rings for the Giants.

This was only a small part of Kurt's Cinderella story. Arena football and bagging groceries play a role as well. It's amazing if you have your mind in the right place and keep reaching for your goal, what you can actually accomplish.

How many of you remember Kurt Warner the Giants QB??? Packers practice squad QB?


  1. Obviously, by my comment, I recall him as the practice squad QB.

    I didn't remember him on the Giants, but I recall now how I thought at that point that he was done after that year. I was definitely wrong.

  2. I don't actually remember him being on the Packers practice squad... but I've read about it before... so it's not new news. As for him being a NY Giant... I knew that because I've seen some of his cards with him in a Giants uniform. However... like his stint with the Packers, I don't actually remember watching him play.