Saturday, May 7, 2016


#4 brings me in yet another new Griffey for the PC.  This card is numbered to 25.

In 2008 Spx, Upper Deck created a 100 card set called American Hero and it featured Ken Griffey Jr. The insert set was numbered to 725 and also had memorabilia and signature variations too. The memorabilia were tough pulls and all numbered to 25 while autograph versions were to 3.

This is my first memorabilia card from the set to go along with my 22/100 of the insert set itself.
I do like big sets like this to pad my Griffey numbers, but chasing them all down is not always the most fun. 

What do you guys think? You like big insert sets of your favorite players? Thoughts on this card? Leave me your thoughts in comments.

Tomorrow we are down to the Top 3. These are cards you don't wanna miss!

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