Sunday, May 29, 2016

Winner Of The Daniel Norris Autograph

Another contest done. I think this is 5th consecutive week of running a contest. That's something I haven't done in a couple of years and it feels good to be back in the groove again. I am usually not a fan of the random picks, but they seem to be doing well picking different winners every week and I am happy with that.

However, don't ever rule out me going with a game pick approach at some point and alternating it.

But, for now, we have a winner to announce.

I fired up the randomizer and here we go. After 7 randoms....

There were 32 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. kevin boxberger
  2. Miami Vice
  3. Jake1725
  4. Joe
  5. Bryan McCarter
  6. Matthew Scott
  7. defgav
  8. the bowl cut kid
  9. Trevor P
  10. Justin S
  11. Ozsportsfan
  12. Jake1725
  13. Tim B.
  14. Cameron Towe
  15. Tracy LeVeaux
  16. Superduperman99
  17. Bradley Defreitas
  18. Scott N.
  19. skunkman
  20. Sam Zozaya
  21. Trevor P
  22. Arrogant Observer
  23. Joe
  24. Fuji
  25. Sam Zozaya
  26. Roland Wake
  28. Scott N.
  29. Adam Kaningher
  30. God's humble servant
  31. hudsonfan15
  32. Tracy LeVeaux
Timestamp: 2016-05-29 10:33:23 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to kevin boxberger! You have won the Daniel Norris autograph. Please email with your address. You will have 48 hours from now to claim your prize or it will be re-given away in a future contest. Please also give a shout out when you receive your prize so we can continue to do this.

Thanks to everyone who RT'd and spread the word and entered.

Not sure when the next contest will be, but hopefully soon.