Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Panini reaching to the Pinnacle in Baseball Cards

For the first time in 15 years...the baseball card market will see Pinnacle again. And I for one am very excited. I remember all of the classic Pinnacle products. Pinnacle Inside, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Mint, Pinnacle Summitt among many others. And for Panini to revive one of my favorite lines makes me want to put more focus back onto collecting baseball cards again.

2013 Pinnacle Baseball Griffey  

2013 Pinnacle Baseball will have 24 eight-card packs per hobby box and should contain: two autographs, three Museum Collection, two Artist’s Proofs, four Awaiting the Call, three Team 2020, two Position Powers, one Behind the Numbers, three Clear Vision, two Team Pinnacle, two Slugfest, one Aces, three Pinnacle of Success and two Swing for the Fences

2013 Pinnacle Baseball Rose 

2013 Pinnacle Baseball Cabrera 

With classic returns of Artists Proofs along with some newer adds this could be an easy trip down memory lane for those of us who collected Pinnacle back in the early 90's. I know I used to search packs looking for the Nufex technology and Artists Proofs in my packs and now I will be given that opportunity all over again.

Let us know your thoughts on Panini reviving the Pinnacle brand!

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    Interesting post..Am hearing this news for the first time and get excited about it.."Baseball" getting to reach Pinnacle again..whether it reached the didn't mentioned after the happenings.please update about it.