Saturday, January 31, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1992 Upper Deck Baseball High Series Pack Break

I remember a time when Upper Deck ruled the baseball card world! Their action packed photography and innovation put rival companies to shame.

In every pack of 1992 Upper Deck High Series baseball is 15 cards. Every pack would roughly run you about $1 now-a-days.

The base cards had a slight border on the outside with a thicker part up on top that had the players name. The photography used was mainly player focused. Not usually something Upper Deck was known for. By player focused, I mean the photography was basically aimed around the main player. Usually Upper Deck has action packed photography.

Glad to see some good players make it in my pack. Ripken being the best and one I didn't have yet.

Subset in Diamond Skills and a Top Prospect

And the final card in the pack was a Diamond Debut which also happens to be a Yankee PC need.
Overall, not too shabby. Added a couple of Yankees, pulled a few bigger names and added a new Ripken. Sometimes it's the little things that are enough in this hobby. Especially if you are a true collector..

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