Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra Basketball Series 2 Pack Break

As I have stated before, Fleer Ultra was always a hit with me. They had creative inserts, nice base card photography and tough sought out parallels. This was one product that had a little bit of everything and was created the right way

Now onto this newest episode of Breakin Wax.

In every pack of 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra basketball cards is 14 cards. You will find an insert one-per-pack. Some of the inserts were tougher to find than others.

Great base card design and photography

It appears that Frank Johnson really wants that rebound. It's photography like this that brings you closer to the game. We need more of this.

My rookies from the pack. I remember watching Lindsay Hunter and Gheorghe Muresann play. I was especially a fan of Hunters. Of course the fun thing about Muresann's card is the Bullet's uniform. You know, the team in Washington before the Wizards but had to change their name due to the graphic name of Bullets.

 USA Basketball subset card. Great design here as well.

And my insert pull from the pack. Can't go wrong with a guy like Scottie Pippen who was a big part of that Bulls dominance of the 90's.  Nice looking insert too.
Overall, great break. Nice insert, a couple decent rookies and action photography. I wished more of my breaks felt this way.


  1. I always loved the USA cards. I have a ton of them sitting in a stack right now.

  2. Good read!! Reading this, brought back many memories from the past. Thank you!

  3. Very good break. The photography from this set is very good. I completely agree that current sets could benefit from more of the same.

  4. Cool insert to pick up, love the USA card design.

  5. Nice cards. I agree with Oz, great design on the USA card.

  6. Did the cards stick together? I've had that problem with 90s wax.

    1. Not at all. There are some good places to buy from that store them just right so that problem doesn't occur. The one bad buy I had was at Baseball Card Exchange of a 1995 Skybox Premium football box. Every card in every pack was stuck