Thursday, January 29, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1994-1995 Upper Deck Sp Basketball Pack Break

Still to this day very popular, Sp (now Sp Authentic), brought excitement to 90's rippers. Having been one of those rippers, I wanted to revisit what once was. Here we go!

In every pack of 1994-1995 Sp basketball is 8 cards with one of those cards being a die cut. Packs run around $3.

The base cards looked really nice. An elegant gold triangle down the left side of the blog with the player's name leaving the card open for some nice action photography. The only thing I would have fixed is the placement of the team name which blends into the bottom of the card.

Two cards that could be featured in my Caption This card segment. If you want to jump on these ahead of time, feel free to in comments.

My die cut card from the pack. You can't ever go wrong with a die cut.

And my rookie from the pack. Michael Smith. These look really cool in person with the foil background and the player in the forefront.
Overall, nothing too huge, but a few good players, a die cut and a rookie. So not a bad break in my terms. Might be something I give another go with.

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