Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1996 Pinnacle Laserview Football 8 Pack Break

When I think about buying 1990's packs now, I think about products that I knew excited me. You know, the ones with fun inserts, the nice looking base cards, and the creativity like no other. Well, here you will VIEW a product that has all of that.

1996 Pinnacle Laser View football came with one, yes, one card per pack. I paid roughly $12 for the 8 packs which was much cheaper than I would have paid back then. The base cards for this product are holograms that moved when the card was tipped slowly. Most showcased a great play by the featured player on the card. I found this technology now and then very high tech. I wished companies still did these types of cards.

I had forgotten how fragile the pack was to open. It's made out of a weird foil that tore very easily. So you had to be very careful not to rip the card as well.

If you looked at the back of the wrapper, I know most of us don't read the fine print and just rip, you would notice there were three things to chase. You could get base card gold parallels, Eye On The Prize Insert 1:24 packs or an Inscriptions autograph which was a really cool autographed card printed on acetate and fell 1:24 packs. You can find many of the Inscriptions listed on eBay now-a-days. However, a lot of the autographs have faded unless you knew how to store them correctly.

Here was a tip card that was inserted into every pack to help you know how to view the cards so you can enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed.

My first pack was a great kick-start. Brett Favre!

Back Of The Card:

Here were the next four packs. I was a bit disappointed to land Bledsoe twice as I rather have had a different player but that's okay. Also here is Jeff Blake, underrated Bengals QB to me, and Jim Harbaugh who I think is a better coach than he was a player.

Then in the final three packs I landed subset cards called Pure Energy. I Got three great players including one of my favorites from the 90's, Kordell "Slash" Stewart. That guy could play any position on the field because he was talented, fast and very athletic.

Back of the Pure Energy Kordell Stewart:
Overall, a fun break. To me, cards are not about value. They are about fun. Yes, in terms of value for you value collectors, you won't find much here. But, for you fun collectors, there is a lot offered here.

This break was a great reminder of what the hobby once was and once had with its creativity. It was also a walk down memory lane of my collecting beginning. I would definitely break these all over again if I get the chance and you guys will be the first to know if I do.


  1. Those are sweet! I wish they made stuff like that now.

  2. Very nice cards. I would be interested in the correct way to store the auto cards.

  3. Dear card companies

    Please bring this back

    Signed a collector of awesome cards.

    These are sweet!!!!!

  4. I miss these kind of cards in a big way! Nice!!!