Monday, January 26, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1997-1998 Topps Basketball Series 1 Pack Break

I loved Topps basketball products in the 90's. They always had nice looking base cards and superbly done inserts.
In each pack of 1997-1998 Topps basketball, there are 11 cards. In those 11 cards is a mix of rookies and veterans. My intention with this pack was to find a Duncan. No such luck however.

The base card design was probably one of the better Topps ones. The border was thinner, the name and color scheme down the right side hooking across the front made these look nice and left the card open for some great photography which Topps delivers.

You see him rollin, he Pippen...

And a nice looking Fantastic 15 insert that fell 1:12. Jerry Stackhouse was always fun to watch and a player I always felt was under-appreciated for his talent.
Overall, while I didn't see TIMMY, I did pull an insert, so for me, that equals out.

The base cards are nice, the price point is decent, so this is probably a product I will have to go back and try again. Hopefully next time Timmy shows up or an MJ insert would be nice.

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