Friday, January 30, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2000-2001 Topps Basketball Series 1 Pack Break

In this recent edition of Breakin Wax, I am breaking a pack of 2000-2001 Topps basketball.

In every pack of 2000-2001 Topps Basketball Series 1 comes 11 cards. There is a mix of rookie and veterans in each pack. Key rookies for this year is Kenyon Martin and Jamal Crawford.

The base cards are pretty clean and despite the border, I like the layout of the cards. The design of the border leaves open a really nice space for action photography which Topps definitely filled it in. One of my favorite pics is this Camby dunk photo and not just because he was a Knick.


Sweet lookin Hidden Gem insert! I like the bright rainbow foil outlining what appears to be a net/basketball. These fell at 1:12 odds! And it was of one of my favorite players from the 90's so was a double bonus!
Overall, a nice break. Anytime you can pull an insert from the 90's there is cause for celebration and makes the pack worth opening.

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