Friday, January 16, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2013 Sp Authentic Football 12 Pack Break

One of the greatest products Upper Deck has ever created is Sp Authentic. I doubt many of you would argue that.

So in my recent Upper Deck break, I went and broke twelve packs. I think my results were pretty good. Only one way for you to agree. Read on!

This is usually where I put up a picture of the pack, well, I don't have one this time. I forgot to take it. So, I will still give you a pack breakdown and price but just no picture.

In every pack of 2013 Sp Authentic football there are five cards. Each pack will run you about $5.

The base cards stay true to the Sp Authentic design with background in a gray or white color and a player in the forefront. The base card checklist is a mix of Legends, Veterans and Rookies.

Back of the card:

Rookie in the base set:

Here are a couple of Canvas cards that fall 1:6 packs

Sp Prospects inserts. These fall 1:6.

Now onto some magic I had in these twelve packs. First up, a Rookie patch cards parallel numbered to 25 of Aaron Dobson. Hopefully he will tear it up in these playoffs, but I still hope the Patriots lose. I must also note this card is hard-signed for those of you who only like cards signed on-card.

And here comes another card off from my hobby bucket list. Ladies and Gents, I finally got myself my first Shadowbox card. Not a shabby player to have pulled either. These fall at a tough rate of 1:110.
Overall, Sp Authentic still is rolling out nice pulls for me.Just think, these are pack breaks. Maybe I should try for a box next time. Then of course, why mess with a good thing.


  1. Wow! Nice hits, that Rodgers shadowbox is awesome.

  2. Sweet very nice Congrats on the awesome pulls.

  3. That Rodgers is awesome. Can't go past my boy warren sapp though in the colors of the U. I am a sucker forms base card of my guys.

  4. Nice pull on the Rodgers card!!! Go Pack Go!

  5. Really like that Rodgers card. Very nice!

  6. Great hit on the Rodgers!

  7. Great hit on the Cordarrelle :)