Sunday, January 11, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Flair Showcase Hobby Box

For the third time, I busted a box of Flair Showcase football 2014. I absolutely love the throwback appeal and the base cards look really nice. I was also hoping that I could help find a few cards towards my master set and #69 to my Row 2 set. I was outta luck on Row 2 and was only able to find four new cards towards my master set, so this box wasn't too useful in those terms, however, it landed me another Odell Beckham and some decent pulls. Check them out as you read on.

In every box of Flair Showcase football 2014 there are 12 packs per box and 6 cards per pack. There is also 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box.
One Auto-Patch, PMG, or Jamabalaya Insert
- Four Short Printed Row 0 Cards
- Two Flair Showcase Legacy Parallels
- Three Metal Universe Inserts - See more at:

In each box there is also two Legacy parallels. Here are mine, one good, one not so good. I really like the Jimmy Garap! I think he has a bright future in New England once Brady retires...if he ever does...

Also in every box comes 3 Metal parallels. One of mine I got lucky on...ODELL!

You can also find an autographed patch card, a Jamabalaya insert or one of these sweet guys...

A PMG! Otherwise known as a Precious Metal Gem. I pulled the magenta parallel of Boyd numbered to 25.

 Now onto the hits which I discussed earlier, but saved last for pics. Pretty cool John Elway pull here. I just wished it was a game used jersey.

And my autograph is of Logan Thomas who could have potential in Arizona. He only got to play a few times this year but who knows what is happening with their QB situation and with all of the injuries. This guy could get increased playing time.
Overall, not a bad break. I was happy with my hits but disappointed I couldn't do more with my set. Especially with getting that last number for my Row 2 set.

Have you busted any Flair yet? What did you think of the product?


  1. Haven't busted any yet, but I want to now. I really like the look of these cards.

  2. No I haven't busted any Flair yet. Nice hit on the Odell!

  3. Ditto on Bryan's comment. Great Thomas and Go Hokies!