Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Topps Heritage Baseball Pack

In this edition of Breakin Wax, I am breaking something newer thanks to my last CollectorCrate.

Topps Heritage is always one of those fun brands to break. I like the throwback feel and design of the base cards. The inserts are a little boring, except the chromed ones, but I still enjoy the product for what it is.

In each pack of 2014 Topps Heritage, barring you getting a hit, there are 9 cards per pack. 2014 sported the 1965 Topps design which I think looks better now than it did back then. I always appreciate the way Topps uses photos on this product as they are nothing like the other Topps products.

Now onto checking out this design and photography as here is what my 9-card pack yielded:

Not many big names in this pack other than Bautista and maybe Alexi Ramirez.

And my rookie from the pack. Nobody I know, but you just never know. Gonna file it away in the rookie PC.
Overall, other than a great design, nothing too spectacular here. No Yankee PC adds but at least a rookie PC was added.


  1. i agree nothing spectacular in the 2014 topps Heritage pack.

  2. Love the classic look and feel of these cards!! #Cardboard


  3. Not a huge topps guy but heritage is always fun with its retro feel. Enjoy that you pulled one of my fav jays.

  4. I love the old look to these cards.