Friday, January 9, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Upper Deck CFL Football Cards Box Break

Sometimes trying something new can be fun. When I saw that Upper Deck was releasing a CFL product I said hey, that sounds like a fun bust. So I was able to bust a hobby box. Here is how I did:

Every box of 2014 Upper Deck CFL has 24 packs. There are 6 cards per pack and two hits per box. Mine came with three. Boxes of this average just under $75. Most online stores DO NOT carry this product so you would most likely have to find it at the Upper Deck Store.

The checklist for this set is a variety of CFL and former NFL players such as Brandon Banks. Speaking of that, anyone remember Brandon Banks when he once played for the Washington Redskins? I do. Very fast guy. The base card design for the product is typical Upper Deck with minimal border and bold colorful action photos. It doesn't matter the sport, Upper Deck just knows how to make great base cards.

Star Rookies are a fun collectible add in this product. They are even a bit of a pull falling at a rate of 1:4. I like this idea. Helps make it fun for set chasers and adds value to the set. The design is similar to ones used in the past and works well with this product.

This Star Rookie below is of former outspoken Bengals WR Chad Johnson. Some people just don't know when it's time to retire.

O-Pee-Chee retro cards fall 1:3 packs.

Then the infamous UD Game Jerseys can be found in here as well. There are two hits per box. Most boxes have memorabilia cards I believe from what I have seen. At least they are game worn!

Bonus hit! Kinds cool!
Overall, the price point is a bit steep for the box value, but I like where Upper Deck is going with the CFL license. A lot of collectors, especially those up north, love the product and the opportunity to collect players from their favorite CFL teams. I like to collect former NFL players in it as it makes a unique add to a players collection.

I am interested to see where Upper Deck goes next with this. Can you imagine how great it would be to see an Sp Authentic CFL product? I bet it would take off...are you reading this Upper Deck? Hint, Hint.


  1. I saw these cards when they came out & I have wanted a box ever since. I am also curious about the Canada only released cards in this set.

  2. Love the bonus hit. Wish upper deck could get the NFL back. They had some great card designs. Nice ocho cinco RC as well