Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Upper Deck Star Rookies Set

STAR ROOKIES. Two of my favorite words in this hobby. So when my mother-in-law got me this box for Christmas, I was pretty excited. For one, I knew the box was rookie laden, two, that Odell was in there and three, there was a chance at autographs.

In each box of 2014 Upper Deck Football Star Rookies is 42 rookie cards for $20. Every few boxes contain an autographed card making them a very rare pull but valuable when you do find one.

The card design is very simple. It drifts away from the usual amazing UD photography, but still works in a product like this knowing it's a set. I was a little surprised not to find the word Star Rookies written somewhere on the cards however.

Here is what the cards look like and some of the key players you will find.

Back of the card

And I end this gallery with some Odell of course!
Overall, I didn't pull the autograph, but I do like sets like this. They give you a chance to load up on rookies which is very important in a big rookie year like this one was.

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