Thursday, January 29, 2015

Breakin Wax:1997 Totally Certified Football 3 Pack Break

1997. The year when a lot of cool, unique, fun and TOTALLY awesome products released. So what were the odds I would go and find one of my favorites from that year, well, very high.

So I am proud to announce today's breaking wax is 1997 Totally Certified football!

In every pack of 1997 Totally Certified football is 3 cards. I found these packs for roughly $4 each which is a great deal for what you can get from these.

The base card design is full of etched awesomeness! They are also a little bit thicker than most base and with all the etching some of the cards have a slight bend to them like with Chrome. The base cards are even more beatufiul in person and like with a lot of things I take pictures of on here, the pictures never do it justice.

There are three levels of Platinum base cards to collect in Red (2 per pack), Blue (1 per pack) and Gold (only 30 of each card). Each base card also has a protective peel off sticker which I leave on. It adds a fun effect.

Each Platinum Red base card is numbered to 4999.

Each Platinum Blue base card is numbered to 2499 and I pulled a pretty nice one in Emmitt. Still hold a $24 BV!

Overall, a great break. Especially the Platinum Blue pull of Emmitt. I think there is a lot going for this product. All of the cards are numbered, the Platinum Golds are still sought after, and it's simply beautiful. If you haven't ever seen one up close, please go to find a way to pick up a single from your favorite team or player. I promise you won't regret it.


  1. Sweet emmitt hit. Love the look of these old cards. Might need to investigate lol

  2. They did these for NASCAR too. Very confusing set, as they did another set with the same designs, but no serially numbering. I only got one pack of each new and when I tried to figure out how to list them in 2007, I no longer remembered how they were packed...and I'm not sure if I have it right even now. I should try and hunt down some more of them, still sealed, to be sure. From what I gather, one is mirror foil and one is etched foil, with the etched release being SN.

    1. Yeah its a fun product. It's not too confusing as there is only three levels I believe to chase in Totally Certified. The regular Certified had many parallels to chase.

  3. Still prefer this set to many of the current releases. 1997 Totally Certified is timeless.

  4. Not an attractive card but I'd give a pack a try.