Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surprise Mail Day From The Pack Gambler! NYY/NYR

When picking up the mail yesterday, I noticed two packages in my mail box. One, I was expecting (post for that later). However the second I wasn't. I read the name on the package and who it was from then I realized who it was, my good ole buddy at The Pack Gambler.

Even though he is retired from blogging right now, we have stayed in touch. But, I had no idea he was sending me anything. As I have stated before in past posts, he is a great guy and someone I plan on staying in touch with and hopefully will see in the blogosphere again.

Now onto the surprises. He sent me two team bags, one with Yankees and the other with NY Rangers.

Here is the Rangers part of the mail day:

Now onto the Yankees. Some great insert adds here. I didn't have any of them.

There is just something about that Topps Mickey Mantle base card that I love. It's hard to explain why. Maybe it's the photo. Maybe it's the throwback. Maybe it's because it's The Mick. It's just a great card and I am happy to have it now.

I hadn't seen Archives up close til I saw these. The product is much better in person than I perceived online.

And the final few cards including another Topps Archive and a new Jeter.
Overall, a great surprise and something that made the #SCC3YR weekend even better.

Even though I messaged The Pack Gambler yesterday and told him thanks for the surprise mail day, I will say it again on here again. Thanks man. I truly appreciate the cards for the PC.

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