Thursday, May 14, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Upper Deck Football 2-Rack Pack Break

FINALLY!!! That's exactly my words when I found out that my local Walmart had gotten in 2015 Upper Deck football. I felt like they were trying to exclude me from being able to rip a few packs.In what is Upper Deck's last run with the CLC license, they obviously wanted to go out with a big bang and leave all of us wanting more. Why do I feel this way, well, read on!

In every rack pack of 2015 Upper Deck football, there are 32 cards. Along with those 32 there is ONE Jameis Winston and ONE Marcus Mariota College Football Heroes inserts. Each rack pack runs for $4.98.

This years base card design take a big upgrade. It still has Upper Deck's glorious action photography now along with a clean design and gold foil. These are probably the best flagship base rookie design I have seen since they took the CLC license. Way to go UD!

In my first rack pack, I got exactly what I had wanted immediately. The Giants first two round picks. I especially like the Collins. He will be a big difference maker in that secondary.

In both packs combined, other than Amari Cooper, I landed all of the rookies I targeted.

I even got the Top 2 picks and Top 2 rookies in this class I believe in

Jameis Winston....

And Marcus Mariota

Above I mentioned the Football Heroes inserts that fall one of each player per rack pack and here they are. I totally love the revamped design on these.

Overall, very stoked with my results.$10 well spent. Great design, bonus inserts in each and a shot at autographs (I have seen them pulled by others) and Upper Deck rack packs are a great value. I will miss this product if it is no longer made.

What are your thoughts on 2015 Upper Deck football? Do you like the design? Will you miss this product going forward? Let's hear your thoughts!

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