Friday, May 29, 2015

4 Card Mail Day From @Puremadness62

This blog has some of the greatest readers around. Some are not only daily returnees, but some RT, Share and respond to most posts on here and I appreciate every second of it. But some even go the extra mile and help support my blogging and hobby addiction by mailing me stuff. Reader @Puremadness62 (Richard) recently did just that.

Richard knows my returning love of collecting Ken Griffey Jr and sent two of these along. It's a new addition and helps add to my number that has grown a lot over the last few weeks.

Up next, he also sent this Andre Williams jersey card. I already have this one so it's not a new one for the PC, but it's an upgrade over the bad cornered one I have.

And the final card in this mail day, a 2013 Playbook autograph of Damontre Moore. I am hoping Moore steps up this year. They are gonna need him.
This was very generous of Richard to do and I beyond appreciate it and his support of Sport Card Collectors. The one thing that I try to do when someone pays it forward to me, I try to return the favor. So Richard, watch your mail box cause there could be something heading your way sometime :)

Thanks again goes out to Richard for the mail day!

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  1. I only collect football, but that Griffey die cut is SWEET!!!