Thursday, May 21, 2015

Breakin Wax:1981 Fleer Baseball 1-Pack Break

Well, I already did one post earlier today, but I decided that today seemed like a double-post kind of day. So when I do double-post days I usually do at least one Breakin Wax so there is two different forms of  posts. So guess what this one is, Breakin Wax. 

When I got my Graded Greats box a couple of months ago, there were some packs within the box, four to be exact. I originally planned on never opening them as I found the wrapped versions to be more unique of a collectible. What I didn't plan on was my lack of opening anything recently leading me to need to break something to calm the beast, hence, the only thing I had unopened in my house, those four packs.

So I will have four breaks in total to show off including 1989 Upper Deck which I know we all love. Tonight, however, I am leading off with the oldest of the group, a 1981 Fleer baseball pack.

In every pack of 1981 Fleer there are 17 cards and 1 delicious stick of gum. You can find packs under $3. Some key cards to look for are Mike Scioscia, Harold Baines, Danny Ainge and a Kirk Gibson rookie. None of which I found in my pack.

The base cards are border heavy and feature a lot of portrait shots more than action shots. That to me usually leads to cards you can caption really easily. Fleer seemed to had loaded this product with easy caption ones.

Here is what the front of the card looks like......

Back of the card....

And even a card for you to caption if you choose to below in comments!

Here is rest of the pack. Other than a Sparky Anderson, I don't see much here other than some great cards to caption.

Overall, it was fun to rip into a pack from 34 years ago but it was a boring break at the same time. Would I want to rip another? Probably not. The product as a whole doesn't have enough chase to warrant me to and I already have the Gibson.

What are your thoughts on 1981 Fleer? This break? Let's hear it!


  1. I've always liked it as well as all the rest of the early 80s Fleer and Donruss sets. I often used to get this confused with some of the early 80s Donruss sets since the ball was similar to the bat and ball and bat and glove designs Donruss had for 82 and 83. Plus the thinner card stock helped with the confusion.

  2. Nice Sparky! 1981 Fleer was the first set I ever owned.