Friday, February 26, 2016

Breakin Wax:2011 Score Football Hobby Box

If you are looking to set build, specific rookies and box at a great price, it's best to turn to Score. Sometimes you even may find yourself lucky and pull an autograph! That wasn't me however lol.

In every hobby box of 2011 Score is 36 packs with 7 cards per pack. You will find one rookie, one insert and one gloss per pack as well. Sometimes you may find more than that per pack. Boxes will run about $20-$30.

I wasn't going to break down the base or the designs as I have already done a review of the product you can find on the blog. This was just about the best of this specific break.

My box was great with the rookies. The one I wanted the most was Cam Newton, NFL MVP and Super Bowl run on top of being almost a one-person wrecking crew it was obvious he was tops and was luckily in there. I have had boxes of Score in the past where I wouldn't get the top rookie. On top of Cam,  getting JJ Watt isn't that bad either ;)

I even got the base Andy Dalton rookie and the photo variation. The best pull from the box in my opinion.

There were inserts GALORE!! The inserts all had parallels too.I wished my blog had deleted the rest of the insert pictures I had taken.

Here are the

Glossy inserts...

And a Red Zone that are not easy to find. My only one in this box and only my second overall.
Great price, fun inserts, rookies, short prints and cards for my PC. I can't see why anyone would turn down a fun bust like this.

How many of you bust Score? What's your favorite part of opening it?

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Score! Great set chase every year, but not expensive. Exactly the kind of fun the hobby was built on. :-)