Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Breakin Wax:2015 Sage Hit High Series (Boom Found)

I have mentioned this before, but Sage Hit isn't usually a hobby box buy for me. I usually do retail only. However, after my last success with a 2014 box and pulling a Teddy Bridgewater, I talked myself into trying a 2015. Glad I did.

Once again, I forgot a box picture. Sorry! But here is a breakdown of the product.

There is 72 cards per box. 12, yes, 12 autographs, 58 base cards and 2 The Write Stuff inserts. Boxes will run ya about $50 which isn't too shabby for 12 autographs.

Here were my The Write Stuff Inserts. Not too bad.

Now onto the autographs. I decided not to show base since I have done that already in the past.

Nova was a Giant so that's a good PC piece I didn't have.

Golden could be a star one day.

Autographs looked a little better with these two.

But definitely didn't touch this bad boy! BOOM TODD GURLEY!
The Gurley also happens to be a pretty nice looking card as well.

Overall, 12 autographs, a few decent ones and a boom. Can't complain about this hobby box buy. It may actually tempt me to try another Sage Hit hobby instead of retail.

What are your thoughts on my break and on Sage Hit?


  1. I still try to pick up any Mountaineers in the set, but my days of buying football boxes are long over.

  2. SAGE is one that has really grown on me over the last few years. They get some great autos both from big names and from pretty anonymous players - but often as not, this is the only place to find autos of those lesser knowns until pretty late in the hobby year. I like that even though they use stickers, they are bigger and wider, giving plenty of room for a decent auto.

  3. You can never go wrong with 2 Panthers.