Saturday, February 20, 2016

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Valor Football Blaster Box

Valor is one of those products I am up in the air about. I like the design but it's still not something on the top of my list. I still buy at least some and this time it was in blaster form. How did I do, well, let's look!

In each blaster box of 2015 Topps Valor, there are 7 packs per box with 8 cards per pack. There is also one rookie jersey card per box for $20.

The design has a rough/smooth surface. It's full of color and schemed to the featured team. I picked up 4 Giants in mine.

A fun mix of Veterans, Legends and

Rookies that I got two per pack, at least, of. No big names besides this guy...

Strength parallel, 1:10. Rookie PC is what I see.

Random inserts. I don't care much for the design. Way to similar to the base cards.

My relic card. Not a big name, but a numbered Speed, 1:10 parallel.
Overall, I have seen better blaster breaks from the product. Mine was weak. No top rookies, 1 parallel and a weak relic. Would I say $20 well spent? Probably not. But I will say I would probably give it another try.

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