Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My First Digital Experience

For those that have read my blog, followed me on Twitter or liked me on Facebook, you have seen many times my thoughts on collecting digital cards. I don't care for it. I am one who would rather prefer the real physical card that you can hold. So when Upper Deck announced their new digital card idea in the e-pack, it actually offers collectors a chance to do more than just stare at their computer screen or mobile device. You can actually claim cards to physically hold.

I am a bit behind in posting about this on here and to be honest, up until today I still had no interest in trying it. I guess it's the ole fashion collector has me still stuck in the days before the internet. Well, before I discovered the internet.

After watching a buddy of mine pull yet another autograph from an e-pack today, he has also hit a Bobby Orr autograph and the much sought after Connor McDavid Young Gun, I thought that maybe it was time I gave it a try. I suppose at some point I need to check these things out, right?

So I went to to check it out. First thing you need to do is to sign in or sign up like I did.  

After I submitted my info, BOOM, this came on like I had scored a goal. I hit a first achievement just for signing up. 

Up next, it brought to the home page with many options to click on.......

Of course I went straight for the FREE pack. You can get one three card FREE pack per day.

Up next the wrapper pops up. Man I could smell that fresh pack scent...oh wait....not only can I not smell it, I have to let the computer open it for me. *sigh*

BOOM! Siren's blaring again! Achievement earned of ripping the pack! Well, not really. I clicked on it. So technically I clicked on the pack. 

Inside of the FREE packs you only get base cards. You must buy packs to get the inserts, Young Guns, jersey cards and autographs. However, once you collect a certain number of the same base card it unlocks a special parallel card of that player. So I guess you must be consistent on coming back to open the FREE packs. The other part is, the base cards you CANNOT get as physical cards. So for us base collectors, we gotta realize this.

Now onto my three cards from my first ever pack of digital cards.

My first card was of Blues Alexander Steen

Second card was of Canadians Nathan Beaulieu 

And my final card was of Dustin Byfuglien

My first pack collection 

There is another aspect to the e-pack where you can link a “Check Out My Cards” account to Upper Deck e-Pack and transfer physical cards to COMC. Once transferred to COMC, you can have the cards shipped, or sell them on the COMC marketplace. 

So what are my thoughts on e-pack and my first ever digital experience, well.... 

  1. Don't have an LCS or Walmart nearby, open a pack on a mobile device. Open here, there, pretty much everywhere. Even on a box, with a fox, on boat without a coat. In China, at your in-laws, on the toilet seat, wherever!
  2. You can claim actual physical cards of the ones you stare at on your screen. Not something other companies offer.
  3. They offer daily FREE packs so even those on a short budget can join in. Even though they are just base cards, it still may help get the pack itch out.
  4. The COMC crossover will help sell your cards easier than eBay. 
  5. The site looks nice and is very user friendly. It also moves fast and has no delay.
  1. Hoping it doesn't take too much away from the remaining LCS'. Cause to me, there is nothing like going to an LCS. Not that I have one, but I remember what it was like.
  2. It's still digital and not like opening up a real pack of Upper Deck cards. I will take that fresh box/pack smell any day.
  3. You have to pay for a digital pack/box/case then have to pay to have the cards shipped to you
  4. You can't claim base cards which hurts base set collectors or team collectors 
  5. It's still digital. I think you get my point.
Now that I have had my first digital card tasting will I move forward in that direction? Probably not. I will simply just take the FREE packs when I have an itch. I still can't see myself paying for digital cards as I still prefer opening up something with my hands. But, that's just me. Many really like the site, collect the digital cards and so forth. I will say for my first experience, it well pretty well and I was impressed with Upper Deck's idea and what was offered and how it was presented.

Overall, digital cards are still not up my alley, but if I was ever going to head that direction or was forced to, I think Upper Deck is taking digital to the right place.


  1. I've read a few posts about this, but you gave the best detail. Special thanks for showing what info you have to give when you sign up.

    I don't see myself ever paying for digital cards, but I'm thinking I'll join just to open some virtual packs.

  2. I have such an addictive personality... the last thing I need to do is start opening digital packs. Although... if I knew I'd have a good shot at an Orr autograph, I might try it out.