Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Flying High Cardboard

Before I get onto the main mail day of today's post, wanted to show off a steal I got for my 1995 Summit Rookie Summit set. Snagged this for .99 and .50 shipping. Anything to add to this set. Still have a little ways to go but chipping away at it.

Now onto a trade I made.

I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw someone had "liked" @Mosley_Mark, IDrawBaseballCards,tweet and saw he was looking for mini cards from Ginter, Goodwin, etc. And he posted some cards he had FT in exchange for them. I jumped on one that caught my eye immediately and we made a trade. Was as easy as it got.

First I will show off the two great prints he sent along of his work. Really good stuff in my opinion.
Cool additions for the PC.

And now the card I spotted. As everyone knows, I dig the non sport stuff from Ginter and when I saw this relic, it called my name.

Very cool! Also a used swatch.

Thanks goes out to Mark for the trade and the prints. If you haven't yet, go give him a follow on Twitter and check out his amazing work. And maybe start a trade yourself if you have any mini's just laying around on your desk like I did.

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  1. Those prints are fantastic! I wish I had some art skills, because I'd love to do drawings of some of my favorite cards.