Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ramming My Mail Box

I was recently in a very affordable random team mixed box break from my friends over at Midwest Box Breaks. I was hoping to hit it big and land a top notch autograph hit hopefully from a legend I need. Well, luck wasn't fully my way as usual when I am in a break. I landed the Rams, which is the second time I have done so in four breaks, and missed out on a few great hits from other teams in the break.

But, at least I didn't go home with just base like last time.

2019 Elite. My first look at the product. Doesn't look to shabby as Panini stuck to the basics here with the base card design.

Todd Gurley who I hope is healthy and will continue his dominant career. I think he may have made a difference in last years Super Bowl and the Rams wouldn't have had to throw so much which is the real reason they lost that game.

Speaking of Gurley, nice three color patch I landed from 2016 Black Gold. That product looks superb!

Big thanks goes out to Ben over at Midwest Box Breaks for the spot.

If you haven't checked them out yet, please do. Very trusted and cares about the customer. See what they have available for breaks, HERE.


  1. That Black Gold Gurley patch is a beauty. Even without that gorgeous patch... the card design is amazing.

    1. I have always liked Black Gold for that reason. The cards themselves are beautiful then you add auto or relic and it brings it out big time