Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preview: 2013 Upper Deck Michael Jordan UNC Master Collection Set

Upper Deck is set to release a set like no other seen on the market and its very HIGH END to say the least. If you are a die hard Michael Jordan fan or a fan of North Carolina Basketball this is the set for you!
Only 250 of these sets will be made and will break down to the following:

Complete 23 card base set
Four Autographs
UNC Patch puzzle set or UNC Footprint puzzle set
One Masterpieces painting per box
One Shadow Box, Precious Metal Gem, or 1-of-1 Autograph per box
One 1982 UNC National Championship replica ring

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  1. Honestly, if the tales are true, that it will be manufactured patches and then add to the fact, that it's his college years, which is not in as high demand as his pro year cards, then honestly, it looks like a box to avoid. Specially if you consider the fact that this bad boy will be atleast ~1500$. The only thing that makes this stand out, is the limited print run.

  2. I really like your blog, keep it up!