Monday, March 25, 2013

Upper Deck's UDVA...what is it?

Upper Deck has a program most collectors have never heard of and are missing out big time with. Its called the Upper Deck Volunteer Alliance. Its a group of collectors (well actually like a couple hundred) who get missions from Upper Deck to help make the hobby better.

These missions can consist of spreading the word on future Upper Deck products and promos, helping out organizations that donate cards to kids or our troops, and other things that will help make the hobby better. The missions come  every few months and you get a deadline to accomplish it by. You DO NOT have to do the mission if you don't want to. But you will get an email telling you of a new one if you choose to do it. Some missions consist of 3 mini missions you can either choose to do all or one. You can use all resources to do the mission such as videos, Facebook, and other sites.

Now heres the great news for collectors other than helping out the hobby, Upper Deck chooses members and gives them an Upper Deck mail day as a reward for their efforts! These mail days can consist of autographed items, boxes of Upper Deck product, cards from Upper Deck box breaks videos and more.

You can find Upper Deck Volunteer Alliance on Facebook to see some of the mail days from members and what some of them did for their missions. Also on their Facebook page they do cooperative missions for members to join in on.

Here is the info on how to sign up today if you choose to do so!

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